Apostille FAQ

Is an English translation required?

If a document is presented in a language other than English the NC Secretary of State’s Office will require a certified or notarized English translation as allowed in N.C.G.S. §66-274(a).

Why would an acknowledgement be rejected?

Each North Carolina Notary Public applicant is subject to educational requirements and testing prior to being commissioned by the North Carolina Secretary of State as a Notary Public and taking an oath of office. A Notary acknowledgement can be rejected for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

1) Not having an acknowledgement on each document presented;

 2) The State and county where the document is being executed is not indicated;

 3) The expiration date is either missing or incorrect;

 4) The notary stamp or seal is missing;

 5) The notary did not sign his/her name exactly as represented in the commission and/or stamp or seal;

 6) The notary public has certified to statements within the document and/or was party to a document, (i.e., the Notary Public’s name should only appear in the acknowledgement and not in the document itself); and

 7) The acknowledgement must be in English.