Notary Sevices

Irv Herman, Notary Public Notary & Apostille Service

Notary fees: per notarized item

·    $5.00 per signature for taking and certifying the acknowledgment for the execution of any instrument or writing,
·    $5.00 per person for administering oaths or affirmations without verification or proof, and
·    $5.00 per signature for a verification or proof.

My job is to protect consumers and businesses from fraud.

2.    As a notary, I am a professional identity screener and an impartial witness.

3.    My job is to ensure that the signer of a document is who they say they are and that the person signed the document willingly and that the signer is aware of and understands what he/she is signing and is free from any coercion.

A Notary Public notarizes signatures on documents.
I do not notarize the documents.